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    Thought I’d try a new style of papercut. This one’s called African Heat.

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    Jordan Lake, Raleigh, NC

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    wine cork projects—wine cork vase filler from two twenty one

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    Success is the only Option!

    Going Huge

    - a Gentleman’s Blog

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    There’s always time for a small dip in the onsen 😌👌🛀 #japan #fukuoka #onsen #bath #relaxing #mountains

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    Horizons by Phil Koc Amazing World beautiful amazing

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    清除主  pvrge-lord  清除主  

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  10. Oh yeah…



    Lucy was alright.

    It was really rushed. About an hour and thirty minutes.

    Just a big what if scenario.


    Rent it if you’ve got the spare cash laying around.

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    Spinning silk is one of the strangest processes I’ve ever seen. It’s truly a wonder how anyone could conceive and engineer this process. Above are step-by-step photos to illustrate:

    The process begins by gathering the larval cocoons of silk worms. Inside each fuzzy egg is a dead larvae; if you shake one, you can hear the dead insect rattle inside. If you tug at the cocoon fuzz with your fingers, it will delicately lift from the shell, like pulling the fuzz off of a sweater. In a large vat of water floats about one hundred of these cocoons. A small broom is brushed across the top of the wet cocoons, snagging the peripheral fuzz of each egg. Several wet strands are lifted, fed through a needle, then wound around a large spool. The spool is cranked by hand to twist and spin the silk into one long continuous thread directly from the eggs in the water. 

    This is interesting!

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    We were adventuring around Shi Shi trail head with @63mph & @dadadonald, and then later found out that fellow adventurer @michaeljjcc took this rad shot of our vans waiting for us inland. Fun surprise & glad the kids behaved for the camera! #vanagonlife #vanagon #vanlife #shishi #syncro #syncrolife #westylife #homeiswhereyouparkit #donnieandpriscilla

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